Red Pin Digital Billboard between Berkeley

and Richmond CA Aug 5-11

1100 Eastshore Hwy, Berkeley, CA 94710

New Digital billboard I-580 between Berkeley and Richmond at Golden Gate Fields

Red Pin Digital Billboards Aug 12-18

Blue and Green Aug 5-11

#tossmynikes Sorry But You Broke Up With Me....

I'm done with my Nikes! My wife and I have been running for years in Nikes but decided to toss our shoes after Nike pulled the Betsy Ross flagged shoes.  So disappointed that an American company is against the early US flag.  

Welcome SWCRC Chamber Members

Reach new customers this summer!  Get an I-75 digital billboard at Outer Drive (pin 8) June 24-30 for $399 add $199 for art if needed. 

Red Pin Digital Billboard at Arlington Racecourse Aug 5-11

​2200 Euclid Ave, Arlington Heights, IL 60006

New Digital billboard I-75 at 14 mi in Troy Pin #4

Welcome Waterford Chamber Members

Reach new customers this summer!  Get a M-59 digital billboard in White Lake (pin 6)  July 1-7 for $299.  Art is no cost this week for you at this location. 

​Add Mini Local Cable Commercials

For $499 get 60 x 5 sec mini local cable commercials, see this example.   Add $199 for art if needed.  Depending on cable zone, about 15,000 - 20,000 people will see your commercial.  Production includes a pic of your billboard + a short 5 sec sentence narrative.


Affordable Cable Commercial + Radio + Billboard

Run a billboard + local cable + WJR radio Aug 13-19 for $2,499 and cover southeast Michigan.  See the MSU MEC commercial example.  Add $299 for production.

​​Advertise locally or regionally with an 8 second message on a full color digital billboard every 4 minutes along M59 (Utica) , I-96 (Brighton) , I-275 (Plymouth Wayne), I-94* (Grosse Pointe) and I-75* (Troy, Lincoln Park, Allen Park) in the Detroit Metro area and reach over 10,000 - 25,000 people for just $199 to $399 a week depending on location.  Or go BIG with 5 digitals in the metro area for $1,999.  Need help with the artwork?  Use our graphic artist option for an additional $199 to create a billboard with you.  Terrific opportunity for businesses, community, and faith based organizations.  Email or call (248) 881-9505 and reserve your space with a phone credit card payment today!  * I-75 and I-94 digital displays 30 seconds every 15 min.

New Digital billboard I-96 at M-59 in Howell Pin #7

Helping You Advertise on Billboards, Cable and Radio                                    

New Digital billboard I-580 at Golden Gate Fields

Welcome Richmond and Berkeley Chamber Members
We're introducing  affordable billboard spots on I-580 between Berkeley and Richmond, California the week of Mar 4-10.  For $399 you get a 10 second display each 5 minutes 24/7 for a week.  Add $199 for art if needed.  About 40,000 people will drive by your sign during the week.

Call me at (248) 881-9505 and lets talk about the options to affordably advertise on digital billboards (starting at $399), cable and radio in Detroit, Chicago, and San Francisco!  Email for details.

+60 local cable commercials + 5 WJR radio 15 second spots + a billboard for $2,499 + $299 production

New Digital billboard M-59 in White Lake by Alpine Valley pin #6 west facing

A Billboard Love Story (interacting with viewers)

Join the conversation as we unfold this billboard love story.  Each day a different billboard chapter is displayed encouraging viewers to email comment to " or on our Your Big Sign facebook page.  What do you think happen's next?